We want to create great living or working space for your life

Atos-6 is a well established firm which specialises in complex design of living spaces and offers a wide range of services from master planning to design and project management for a wide variety of building types, including interior design.

As an independent firm, Atos-6 was founded in 1992 but its roots reach much further back. The inception of the firm was the work of six designers who had gained their long-time experience and specialisation in design work in the company of Stavoprojekt Ostrava - a studio which specialised in institutional, educational and healthcare projects. The office may therefore draw on more than 30 years of experience of its founding partners and what is especially valuable is their expertise concerning operational and technological interconnections in big construction projects and knowledge of all the participating building trades.

A major turning point in the development of the company was its integration with the architectural studio of Radim Václavík in 2001 which brought new dynamics to the firm. The fusion of a young studio with a well established firm produced a team that can make use of the creativeness if its young architects and at the same time rely upon the firm's proven experience with big projects.

Comprehensive project planning

Master-planning studies and planning-data files
Architectural studies and building designs
Investment goals
Urban and regional planning documents
Permit documents
Construction documents
Contract documents
Interior designs including atypical elements
Computerised models and visualisations
Sets of "as built" record drawing
Project budgets including bills of quantities

Engineering activities

Arranging planning permissions and building permits including all the necessary source documents
Representing clients in all proceedings with public administration bodies
Arranging all structural and engineering investigations including surveying
Contractor selection
Technical and architect's supervision site visits

Project Implementation

Co-ordination of turnkey projects including the approval decision
Co-ordination of interior deliveries

Consultancy and Advice

feasibility studies and real estate betterment